Panasonic econ Sapphire CS-KC24NKY - 2 Tons Price in India

Panasonic econ Sapphire CS-KC24NKY – 2 Tons

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Panasonic econ Sapphire CS-KC24NKY – 2 Tons - Reviews and User Opinions

grab the deal
By jyoti  May 11, 2013  
During my daughter’s pregnancy, I was living in her house to help her out and was very impressed by how cool it was indoors even with extreme temperatures outside.. Her husband explained that they had got a new 2 ton AC called Panasonic Sapphire which did not use much electricity even if it was running all day! I told my husband and we bought one.. it’s been amazing, everyone should buy it for home.
stay chilled
By shyam  May 10, 2013  
My friends at work recommended to me the idea of purchasing Panasonic sapphire model 2 tons ac for my new house.. I visited the showroom and had a look at the model and bought it the next day! It’s a wonderful ac.. my whole house stays chilled and I pay lower electricity bills than before…. So I would say this is a great choice for anybody who is buying a new ac, definitely!
excellent choice
By shalu  May 09, 2013  
I visited my in-laws last month and stayed at their house for a week. They had bought a Panasonic sapphire split ac of 2 ton and the house stays cool all day.. I have purchased the same ac for my house and my bills are lower than before, when I was running my old ac for just an hour every day! Excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a new ac!!
panasonic ac
By samarth  May 08, 2013  
My brother bought a Panasonic ac when we were expecting our second child as we had moved into a house near the highway. .. Dirt, dust, pollution and whatnot! Well, we now have the Panasonic Ivory 2 tons ac in our house and it’s amazing! Unless you look out of the window, you can’t tell that you’re near so much traffic.. no smoke smell or anything! Great choice for anyone in congested areas.. the odour removal and antibacterial filter are the best!!
best product from panasonic
By rahul  May 07, 2013  
When the construction of our office was completed, my business partner and I decided that we needed some good ACs to keep the area cool and dry in the summer. We bought two Panasonic Sapphire ACs, one of 2 tons for the main area and one of 1.5 tons for our conference room where client meetings are held. Both have worked really well at cooling as well as keeping out dust and odours, so I would suggest them for similar places.
grab the deal
By sweety  May 06, 2013  
When I bought the Panasonic Invertor Tropical model 2 Ton ac, I was expecting it to keep my house cool in the summer. It went well beyond any expectation! As seen in the ads, the Econavi system works as an intelligent sensor, so the electricity usage is not being wasted! When I’m having a party with a lot of friends, it automatically increases the cooling output in the room.. Brilliant model.. No question about it!!
beat the heat
By karina  May 06, 2013  
I had seen the TV ads for the Econavi function of Panasonic ac models and I bought the Inverter Tropical of 2 ton capacity this year.. It’s amazing how well this technology works!! It’s futuristic indeed.. Automatically increases or decreases the power as required and I hardly ever have to change a setting myself…Great device for anyone who wants to save electricity bills by running an intelligent AC in their home!
best among others
By rani jha  May 05, 2013  
Out of all the brands of air conditioners in the market, I really liked the Panasonic models that have been launched recently.. My sister and I purchased Panasonic 2 ton capacity for our shared flat and it’s been fabulous! It has very nice features, it keeps odours of smoke and pollution out and also saves money on the running cost.. Absolutely perfect for anyone in a big apartment! 🙂
great buy
By kamal  May 04, 2013  
The sleek new PANASONIC Chrome 2 tons air conditioner has exceeded all my expectations.. I realized that the old air conditioners in my home were using too much electricity and that I could recover the cost of a new AC within a few months with the lower electricity bills.., The best part is the intelligent inverter control.. It really works wonders! For a stylish and silent ac, this is a powerhouse that I would recommend purchasing anytime!
Great AC
By reeta  Apr 19, 2013  
It’s a great AC. perfect for delhi’s heat in summers. I bought it last summer and till now it had not troubled me in any way. I am so satisfied with its performance and energy efficient eco friendly technology that I would totally recommend it to others.
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