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The joint venture of Japan based Sony Corporation and Swedish telecom giant Ericsson gave birth to multinational conglomerate Sony Ericsson. Sony who brought their exquisite quality cameras, sound and displays when coupled with Ericsson's astounding technological excellence, the consumers were in for a fiesta. Inclusion of digital camera features inside their mobile phone, which created a new life to Smartphone photography, and the 300 hour playback Sony Ericsson Walkman music, which revolutionized the personal music, were indeed a milestone. Sony Ericsson mobile phones aimed to induce a sublime multimedia experience without straying away from the Smartphone territory. But the sales never fulfilled their potential. Introduction of Android platform among Sony Ericsson mobile models marked a new era of their products and made their warehouse commodious. Pricecheckindia listed Sony Ericsson phones based on their features and a factual Sony Ericsson mobile price list is also available for knowing all model prices in a flash.

Cybershot series were the first bread winners for the company and in the second part of their history android phones moved the kart. Featuring android OS, Xperia series joined up the Smartphone race and the new kids on the block gave a lifeline to its zig zag sales graph. Android phone models helped the firm to arrive home from the shadows of big mountains like Apple and Samsung. The Sony Ericsson Android mobile phone contour starts from Xperia X10 and Xperia ION is the hindmost among the list. Also the price tags offered by the company doesn't make any dejection on you. Walkman-Android cocktail, W8 is the tenderfoot carrying a tag of 9K and the final entry Xperia Play also doesn't have jaw drop pricing criteria.

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