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There was a time when trying to find information about someone was as troublesome as travelling to the other parts of the world. There was no way of knowing about various cultures and places other than imagining and reading books. Then when television came into existence, life became a bit easier than before. People now could see and know about many things from far away corners of the world. Knowing about the world outside our planet became easier too.

Then computers were invented. Computers changed everything drastically. From viewing Television to talking long distance became very easy. Just one click was enough to bring the whole universe in front of one's own eye. To see and enjoy all this happening 'internet' was required which in turn needed wires and connections to connect one's computer to the outside world, just like a Television needed an antenna or a telephone needed wiring to connect to the world.

3G Data Card, 2G Data Card and USB Data cards are some very common or rather most commonly used terms that we say and hear every morning and night. But what are they actually?

After waiting for some more time Data card was invented that made it possible to carry your internet connection anywhere and everywhere one wanted. Data Card comprises of a USB stick accompanied along with a pre fitted SIM card for wireless network. The USB Data Card price in India is comparatively cheaper than the internet service provided by the normal telephonic connection. One more reason why Data card is often preferred over Wired connection is the speed and ability to move around anywhere as Data Card is wireless. Initially the wireless network launched the 2G Data Card that provided a net speed of approximately 156kbps to 460kbps at the maximum. However 2G Data card did not get much time in the market as very soon 3G Data Card was launched in the market that boasted lightening fast speed and hi frequency superior quality connectivity. 3G Data Card can provide a speed ranging between 3.1 Mbps to 21.1 Mbps. However how effective the 3G network is that depends on the location of usage. Many places have not yet upgraded their 2G network to 3G yet so the usage of 2G Data card is still preferred more in various parts of the country.

What is the USB Data Card price in India?

The Data Card price varies depending on the network and the company chosen. The 2G Data Card price is comparatively much lower than the 3G Data Card Price. While 2G Data Card price can range between Rs 900 to Rs 1300, the 3G Data Card price ranges between Rs 1300 to Rs 2100.

Some of the most preferred connections for 2G and 3G Data Card are Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Tata photon, Idea, Vodafone, MTS etc. Get a Data Card right now for yourself and connect to the world ahead.

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This Data Cards price list was last updated on 31 March 2020.