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Music is believed to have the power to heal even the worst wound of the Heart. There was a time when carrying this music around was not possible. You either needed to have a large player along or cassettes and portable player that weighted quiet a lot. Then came the era of portable CD players AND Walkmans where cassettes and CDs were inserted and a few AA batteries were put and then songs were played. With changing genre the same devices got smaller, sleeker and much more improvised in form of an Mp3 Player. Cassettes and CDs were no more required and the price of Mp3 was within limits.

What is an Mp3 player?

An Mp3 player is a digital media player that can store Medias and data and later play them in form of audio and video. These gadgets come in various shapes and size and have a memory capacity of just 512MB to up to 64GB. They can be played using the headphones or can be plugged into larger speakers or video outputs so that all could hear and see. They don't require changeable batteries as they are powered by Li-Ion batteries that are much more long lasting and rechargeable.

Some of the iconic and best Mp3 players are Apple iPod, Phillips, Sony Walkman series, Transcend, Cowon. Many have special iconic designs while some among the others boasts of extremely good sound quality.

What is the price of Mp3 players in India?

These Mp3 players are not as expensive as the music system but they are neither cheap like the portable players. The price of Mp3 players in India ranges between Rs 2000 to Rs 15,000 depending on the company, memory and specifications. These players come with a warranty of 2 to 5 yrs and thus any damage in this period will result in replacement.

For further details one can visit the website and also see the Mp3 Players pricelists along with the specifications, available in the market.

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This MP3 Players price list was last updated on 23 February 2020.