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It's a basic human tendency to want to store old memories in any possible form. Some store their old toys and articles while some capture them in their cameras as photographs and videos. While pictures clicked adore our albums and photo frames, the videos taken are stacked up and kept some where safe. Photographs can only remind one about the memories but videos help to relive those moments of happiness and sadness. Films that we love so much does not stay in theatre for long, although you can have a video cassette or disc of the same film at home so that you can watch it whenever and where ever you want to watch it. DVD video player and VCD video player are the two forms of Video players available currently as the use of cassettes has diminished to almost nil in the recent few years and replaced by CDs. In recent years VCD players also has lost its market to DVD players. Though DVD Video player price is more than VCD video players, they have more added advantages over VCD players. Many have confusion about what is the difference between the two. The first and major difference is the Memory capacity between the two. While a VCD can hold around 800 megabytes of memory, a DVD can hold up to 9GB of memory. A DVD Video player provides a much more superior image quality and can recognize and produce the data stored in the DVD which VCD players cannot do so.

Some of the best DVD Video players available in the market are Philips, Samsung and Sony.

What is the DVD video player price in India?

Though slightly more expensive than the normal available VCD players in the market, the DVD Video player price in India ranges between Rs 4000 to Rs 11000 depending on the company. Some DVD video players with special features are HD DVD video player, Blue ray disc DVD Player. This simple device is a must have in every Indian household.

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This Video Players price list was last updated on 23 February 2020.