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Untrustworthy,sell defective products
By grishma  Feb 23, 2013  
I purchased a nokia mobile on ebay from seller "Hifi-4u" and the mobile is with a defective keypad,2nd hand mobile,low battery life product.Its been 10days that the complaint has been given.neither ebay nor the seller are settling the issue.I require a full refund towards the product.but seller is being unco-operative,& is dragging the case with topics apart from a solution towards the issue.This whole thing is wasting my time.Its been 10days & no reply for confirming the refund has happened.I have sent emails to ebay in this regard but no action has been taken so far & i havent even recieved a reply towards it from ebay.Ebay is very irresponsible.Don't fall for their TV ads.The site is full of frauds selling faulty products.& Ebay doesnt bother to look into customer problems after that.Dont ever by mistake even see their website.Its only money making.They don't care abt customers.
Fakes on ebay india
By Valmiki Nayak  Sep 26, 2012  
Here's a fact I descovered when I was browsing to buy a top branded watch - All TISSOT watches being sold on ebay.in are FAKE. Here's a link to a site that informs you how to recognize a fake TISSOT watch : http://forums.watchuseek.com/f62/how-spot-fake-tissot-prc-200-a-339622.html also, all the TISSOT watch sellers on ebay are offering "SELLER WARRANTY" because they know the manufacturer will not provide it on fakes!Fakes are not limited to foreign brands. There's this seller online_sushil who sells fake HMT gold plated watches. I bought one .. it was DOA (Dead on arrival) so he took it to the local HMT dealer who recognized it as a fake - Chinese made watch. I am still awaiting refund ..Also, look at the price difference - it massive. The real thing sells for up to 300 to 500% more than what is quoted on ebay - what does that tell you? Of course some people (knowingly buy fakes) but here the sellers claim the watches are original.Other issues:1. Ebay India DOES NOT PROVIDE SELLER ADDRESS at time of sale. I learnt this the hard way: the best defense is to not immediately mark the item as received. Wait until you are sure and happy with your purchase. That way you can get a quicker refund. 2. Massive policy differences between ebay india and (say) ebay.uk - the India version offers very little buyer protection.Hope this helps. Be safe from the rascals on ebay india.
safer and best online shopping site
By gaurav mehta  Apr 15, 2012  
i\'m having a lot of experience with ebay.in. and believe me, every time i got the best possible services. for me, its the safer, trustworthy, faster and best online shopping site in india. Just keep an eye on seller rating.
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