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With long working hours and ever increasing log in times at the office the demand and need for the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee is increasing at a very fast pace. Coffee contains caffeine that acts as are energizer for the tired brain. As a result it has been a major demand since the time of Lord Jesus for people who work endlessly and for long hours.

Gone are the days when each time one rang the bell by his table each time and the attendant came in with a cup or two of coffee every time. Many a time's just 2 or 3 cups are never sufficient but the discomfort of asking the attendant each and every time for coffee makes one compromise. We are living in the world where computers are ruling the planet. Nothing is done and presented manually. Inventors have discovered the ultimate office tool that is a compulsory must have in every office. It is the coffee maker machine.

How does a Coffee maker machine work?

The machine comes in various shapes and sizes but the mechanism of work is the same in all of them. They contain separate rooms for the freshly ground coffee beans and the water. The water is heated and dispatched over the ground beans and then the hot liquid coffee is passed through a filter and dropped on to the kettle or cup place below. Different types of coffee making machines available includes Espresso coffee makers, Single cup coffee makers etc.

While the single cup coffee maker makes just one cup of pre measured coffee at a time, however it is the Espresso coffee maker which is one of the most demanded coffee maker in the market. The use of steam pressure on the water and grounded coffee beans to create a foamy and creamy texture of the liquid coffee has made it a hit among the coffee lovers

Which are the best coffee makers available in the market?

Jaipan, Morphy Richards, Phillips, Russel Hobbs coffee maker as well as Black and Decker coffee maker are some of the most common and best coffee makers available in the market

What is the price of a coffee maker in India?

Depending on the brand or company name and the specification of the model the price of coffee maker in India can range anywhere between Rs 900 to Rs 1400. Coffee makers are not just designed for offices and formal locations. They also can be used in the kitchen of one's home to brew a quick yet perfect cup of Coffee.

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This Coffee Makers price list was last updated on 23 October 2020.