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There was a time when grandmother's in family spent hours together churning the milk to get the perfect butter for their grand kids. Then came a time when the mother of the family started using fork and spoons along with various biological chemicals to get the perfect grandmother's creamy rich butter. Generations have gone and today we don't have time or energy to follow the old rituals and techniques of our mother's and grandmother's. So we choose the easiest option of getting the artificial emulsified butter which is available in the market with artificial flavors.

One of the recent most innovations of science is trying to bring back the old traditional charm in a modernized and much more sophisticated way. Hand blenders are the new magic wand of our grandmother's. They are the quicker and classier tools for the perfect churned butter. Hand Blender is generally of 2 types, one is Hand Blender with Chopper and another is Hand Mixer Blender.

Hand Blender with Chopper is more commonly used in our day to day life because of the quick chopping and cutting action of the whole unit. Hand Blender with Chopper is much more convenient and precise because of its unique blade design that is cut and tear protected but yet very sharp in giving the exact shape and uniform size to the vegetables and fruits being sliced or diced. Hand Blender with Chopper is such a user friendly kitchen wear that can be used by both the elder and the younger members of the family.

Hand Mixer Blender is the other type of hand blender that is most commonly used to make finer pastes, puree or dough. However hand mixer blender cannot be used by the youngsters without the guidance of their elders. Accident's like over spilling of the ingredients if the lid is not properly placed or injury due to the fast moving sharp blades of the Hand Mixer Blender are the commonly occurring mishaps. In spite of the dangers there is no other alternate of Hand Mixer Blender price because of its increasing demand in our day to day life.

What is the Hand Blender Price in India?

Hand Blenders comes with numbers of fittings and specifications. The Hand Blender Price ranges between Rs 300 to Rs 9500 approximately. Some of the Best Hand Blenders are Philips, Morphy Richards, Jaipan, Infibeam, Maharaja Whiteline, Nova, Bajaj, Glen, Ken star etc.

The next time you want to drink a perfect cup of latte cappuccino, go and get a Hand Blender instead of running to the nearest coffee shop.

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This Hand Blenders price list was last updated on 23 October 2020.