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People these days have become more private and prefer to listen to their own choice of music than the one that is being played around them. For listening to music and songs of their choice one needs the best pair of headphones and headsets. Gone are the days when people went ahead to buy the cheap Chinese pair of one time use headphones that were both harmful to the ears as well as the music device. Now headphones are much more advanced and better in quality. Wireless headphones are in huge demand these days. Earphone that has more esthetic appeal is preferred alongside the guarantee. The brand and the cost though is an important factor while buying headphones but the comfort should be the first preference. The price of headphones ranges between Rs 250 to Rs 3500 depending on the company, specifications and the models. Some of the best headphones are iPhone, Philips headphones, Skull candy headphones etc. For further details one can check the pricelist of headphones in India on our site.

A headset is a device that includes a microphone and a headphone in one set. A headset not only allows you to hear but it also allows one to speak as well. With modern and advanced technology coming in each day, headsets are getting better than ever. From just speaking on the phone to video chatting, every such activity needs a headset. Some of the most popular headsets are the Gaming headsets and the Wireless headsets. However, there are many new varieties also coming in the market that boasts of Dolby digital sounds. There are a few that also speaks of minimal outside sound interference and maximum theatre sound effect. The price of headsets in India ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 6500 depending on the company, specification and the model. Bose, Creative, Phillips are among some of the best headsets available in the market. For further details and to check the pricelists of headphones and headsets one can log in to the websites.

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This Headphones & Headsets price list was last updated on 17 January 2021.