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Mobile phones are a basic necessity for today's world. Many believe that a mobile phone is as essential as the three major components Food, Shelter and Clothing. From road side beggars to Tycoons everyone have their own piece of this Gadget. Some carry the latest iPhone while some carry just the basic and cheapest model available. To prevent this miracle gadget of connectivity from death, a battery is very essential. And to keep the battery healthy and running it is important to have a charger. The Mobile phone Charger though is never regarded as an important component for a phone but it is the sole device that keeps the life of a phone intact. The best price for these mobile chargers like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and others can be found here.

In simple language a Mobile battery charger is a device that transfers electrically charged particles into the cells of the battery thus allowing the device to function without any interruption

Mobile phone charger can be of many type, size and shape. Though most mobile phones are provided with their own set of customized chargers however there are other chargers also available in the market. These phone chargers consist of a plug and a thin wire connected to a port that is inserted into the phones for charging the cells. The wire is thin and fragile. Care should be always taken in handling the wires of the chargers as they tend to break or tear away. Coiling and recoiling should be avoided as much as possible. Always, the branded or the good variety of cell phone chargers should be brought because of the better wire and plug quality.

Mobile battery chargers can be of various types like Traveler's charger, Car and Bike charger, External battery charger, USB port chargers and Pencil battery used Chargers

What is the Mobile charger price?

The mobile chargers are not very expensive and the price of Mobile phone chargers in India ranges between Rs 100 to Rs 1000 depending on the model and brand of the Phone charger. For further detail one can check the price list of Mobile phone chargers in various websites. So enjoy nonstop communication on your phone without worry, but don't forget to carry your chargers along.

Disclaimer: In case of any discrepancy in Mobile Chargers price list in India, we will be glad to take your suggestions and advice through our contact us page. We aim to display best prices for all Mobile Chargers models for your purchasing ease. But since these prices fluctuate frequently, buyers will do good to confirm the Mobile Chargers price at store end. These prices can be treated as proxy to local prices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Kolkata.

This Mobile Chargers price list was last updated on 17 January 2021.