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There was a time when cell phones were a delicacy only meant for the rich and famous but things have slowly changed and is different now. Form over ten rupees for a call of just one minute duration to half paisa per second or minute, call rates have gone down drastically as the price of Mobile phones. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our life. From a simple laborer to a Billionaire, everyone has a mobile phone with them. And these days mobile phones are not just used for talking. The simple talking device is a multi-purpose device now. From functioning as a torch light to working as a Radio or Camera to helping in surfing the net, these days' Mobile phones have loads of side jobs. To be a constant human companion Mobile Phones need long battery life. Many a times it so happens that the mobile phone lasts only a few minutes or hours because of the poor battery condition. Mobile phones are generally accompanied with Li-Ion batteries that have a longer shelf life and are rechargeable. The mobile phone battery is generally higher than the normal batteries available in the market.

Some of the easiest ways to increase the Mobile phone battery life is by complete charging of the phone and removal from the socket once the phone is fully charged, using the phone in places having good network against places with weaker network the battery burns down faster due to constant search for better network. Avoid using 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and other such applications unnecessarily. Also make sure that the various applications and camera shutter are closed when not needed. You could also avoid keeping the phone at any such places where the temperature is higher than the normal as that may result in loss of functioning of the batteries.

It is always best to change the batteries at a regular interval of 6 months to 1 year depending on the usage of the phone.

Though its always best to buy batteries that are of the same company as that of the phone but some companies manufacture quality batteries for various models of the mobile phones. Some of the reliable and best mobile phone batteries are Coolermaster, E-Bak and Luminous. Nokia, Samsung and LG among many have their own battery manufacturing units and it is always best to prefer buying the original batteries authorized by the company.

The Price of Mobile phone batteries in India range between Rs 250 to Rs 1,500 depending on the model and company. Many mobile battery price are much less and cheaper than the original company phone batteries. However most of the time these are duplicate or cheap and bad varieties. So beware and buy the batteries from the authorized dealers only. For further details one can check the pricelist of mobile phone batteries in various available websites

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This Mobile Phone Batteries price list was last updated on 17 January 2021.