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In the age of burgers and grilled sandwiches it's not always practical or easy to buy a large grills that are large and expensive too. There is hardly anybody who wouldn't love to have a melted tuna sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich. But to get a perfect grill may have to opt to visit the nearest eating joints and takeaways. After thinking for a long time kitchen ware designers came up with the idea of grilled sandwich maker.

What is a grilled sandwich maker?

This innovative device was a quick, efficient and yet perfect maker of grilled sandwiches and burgers. Price of the sandwich maker being quiet nominal it became an instant hit with the consumers. Running on electricity this device needs to be operated manually though a few new and modern versions comes with automated shut down functions too. The Sandwich maker grill is coated with non stick material to prevent the bread or cheese from sticking to the plate. The grooves and indentation gives the classic appearance of being grilled. At a time 4 triangular sections of sandwiches can be placed in the pre designed grooves of the grilled sandwich maker for grilling. Brevilles, Jaffles and Toasties are some of the other synonyms of the Sandwich maker used in countries like Australia, South Africa, Netherland etc.

Which is the best sandwich maker available in the market?

Some of the best sandwich makers available in the market are Phillips, Glen, Panasonic, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Havells and Kenstar. Over the years the very mediocre price of the sandwich maker has raised its popularity further and currently it is believed that sandwich maker is found in over 60% of the homes of the population.

How much is the price of sandwich maker in India?

The price of the sandwich maker in India ranges between Rs 900 to Rs 3000 depending on the functions and company. So next time if anybody plans on having a grilled sandwich then the best option would be to have a healthy one right at home rather than the one available in various outlets.

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This Sandwich Makers price list was last updated on 23 October 2020.